After Nipple Clamps. What’s Next?

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Posted By Katherine Mercer

Our bodies are full of erogenous zones that are waiting for a passionate touch. And no matter where you look, you’ll find a sensitive place ready for stimulation. But with all these spots around our bodies, where’s the highest concentration of nerve endings? Well, besides your genitals, both male and female nipples are highly sensitive and looking for your attention.

We’re sure you’ve noticed how cowed and enlarged they become once you get horny. You might say they’re some kind of telltale signs when it comes to arousal. Therefore, it’s not strange at all that there’re tons of people who are completely devoted to nipple play. Stimulating the blood flow in your breasts will help you dive deeper into all kinds of intimate actions. So let’s talk a bit about sex products designed to ease your journey into the tit play waters.

What Are Nipple Clamps?

Even if you’ve never ventured into BDSM territory, we’re sure you’ve experienced pleasure or an intense orgasm from nipple play somehow. No matter if you’re a boy or a girl, playing around with your breast can feel pretty satisfying. The whole point is first to restrict and then lure blood into nipple tissue and make the whole area more sensitive. That is how most arousal techniques work.

But besides licking, sucking, or even biting your tits, you can encourage nipple stimulation with the use of clipping sex toys. Yup, nipple clamps are toys designed to slightly pinch your breasts and make you feel good. Their name says it all — they’re clamps that tingle and apply pressure on the part of your body you choose. That’s right — you can use them wherever you want to.

And like all sex toys, nipple clamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But most of the time, they’re pretty much the same thing over and over again. Of course, that’s if we don’t count shocking sex toys — the electric nipple clamps. They’re something way more, so let’s talk a bit about them.

Electric Nipple Clamps

Besides your usual weight and pinch features, electric nipple clamps offer something different. In case you didn’t know, electroshocking is a big thing in the BDSM community. Stimulating certain parts of your body with low current electricity is a great way to evoke pleasure and to intensify your orgasms. Even if it might seem somewhat extreme, it’s rather safe in case you don’t get some shady, homemade toys.

But first, let’s compare classic nipple clamps with one’s that shock. They mostly look the same, considering there are various designs. Their goal is to offer pleasure to the pinched area by restricting blood flow. Also, based on their mass, their weight will affect the pressure on your nipples too.

Both can feature chains that can link to both vaginal hooks and butt plugs (or any other toy), making them more extreme, but that’s mostly it. And although classic nipple clamps are cool and all, the electric ones go one step further. The option to use electricity and to shock your body in various voltages is way more exciting, we’d argue.

Once it comes to the design of electric nipple clamps, they’re all made from metal and stainless steel. Of course, you’ll see some plastic or silicone-looking ones, but they have metal linings inside since it’s the only way of conducting electricity the right way. These boys have controls that offer you different intensities and speed levels. So, there’s a big chance you’ll have a full day of experimenting with all kinds of different combinations and presets.

Are Nipple Clamps Safe?

Thinking of safety when it comes to playing with electricity is always a good idea. No matter how confident you are, having fun with something potentially dangerous isn’t always wise. Luckily, this time it’s different. Like your classic clamps, electric ones are safe as long as you get them from a reliable source.

The first thing you should consider is how resilient you are to pain. No, not excruciating pain, meant to break your spirit and leave lasting consequences. We’re talking about teasing and slight pinching here. It’s essential to know your limits and not to overestimate yourself.

You should start slowly with both kinds of clamps. You must build your endurance gradually over time. Moreover, playing with bolts of electricity isn’t a joke. But if you know what you’re doing, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

And although they pack some serious punches, these electrical nipple clamps aren’t even close to transmission lines or high voltage amps. They’re meant for teasing and stimulating, and the electricity levels can’t hurt you for real. Nevertheless, it’s important not to exceed your body’s limits. Playing with toys is fun and all, but being cautious is what we always recommend.

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