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Benjamin Norman Pierce

Benjamin Norman Pierce was born in Denver , Colorado at 4 degrees of Virgo, 25 degrees of Scorpio Ascending, in 1962, moving to Wausau , Wisconsin on his 2nd birthday and leaving on his 23rd. He has practiced Hermetic Magick since 1990, participating in various magicaskl fraternities over the years. He was a professional dish-washer for many years, a trade he entered in the process of earning BA’s in philosophy, history, and creative writing from the University of Minnesota, Saint Cloud , in 1989. He lived in Sophia, Bulgaria for two and a half years, teaching history at First English Language Gymnasium of Sophia, participating in the expatriate writing circles there, and taking time to learn painting. In 2004 he published the novel, “Snuck Past Death and Sleep.” He has published poetry in The Liliput Review, Dragonfly, and Raintown Review.
He currently resides in Nottingham , a co-operatively owned house in Madison, Wisconsin , and is a frequent participant at open-mike readings.