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A New Privacy


Weird Deer is resting.


Please enjoy the extensive archives.

The original manifesto, by Travis Nichols

Dear You,

Weird Deer. We’re Deer. Weird Ear. We’re Dear. We Read, Dear. Welcome.

This is a space for conversation and correspondence, listening and looking. It’s communal, but it’s curated, so if you’re interested in what you read, see, hear, absorb, feel, please speak up.

The culture we create leaves traces as it passes through us, between us, overhead. The traces are a kind of ecstatic evidence. This is a space to engage that evidence by exploration rather than explanation.

We don’t know. So we correspond. The private conversations we have, or want to have, with those around us about the cultures that stimulate growth–ours and the organism’s. Let’s talk about it in whatever form manifests itself best–an interview, a video diary, a letter, an email, a poem, a story, a lie, a text message, an image, a book, a matching piece of trash, whatever.

Discuss. Record. Weird Deer welcomes submissions of all kinds, so, please, tell me about it. Ask me questions. We’ll find a way to make it work.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.