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The Return of Weird Deer

October 25th, 2014 · 1 Comment

My dear friend Travis Nichols created this site in 2005 as a repository for the sort of creative endeavors that could be best expressed as voice mail messages. His network of poets and other weirdos made this a magical hub for a long time.

We discussed the concept here.

colorful_sound_waves-t2Since then, many of the Flagpole Magazine archives have disappeared. Travis has become a successful published poet and now lives outside Atlanta with his wonderful, extremely time-consuming family. And, for the last year or so, Weird Deer has existed as an archive.

I’m Emerson Dameron. I contributed to Weird Deer in its early days and remained fascinated by the concept. I scoured reddit for something similar and, although this looks promising, I didn’t find anything that I thought replicated what Weird Deer was about.

So I’m bringing it back.

Nothing has changed from Travis’s original vision and design. I simply updated the contact information. The submission requirements are the same – I just think it’s time to accept some new ones and post the best of them so that this format can survive for those who have work to share and for those who want to experience some unique theater of the mind.

I still have a few old messages to comb through. Most of them are about actual deer sightings. It is not required that your submission involve a deer, but I would prefer that it not involve doomed grad-school romance or anything that can only happen in Brooklyn. That leaves things pretty wide open for you. I will begin posting some of my favorites as they roll in.

This is a call to comedians, improvisers, writers, poets, musicians, documentarians, sound artists, drunken ranters, embellishers, vindictive ex-employees, and anyone else with an idea that can be expressed in the intimate form of a voice mail message. Give me your “ums” and your “uhs,” and your run-on sentences and background ambiance. See the sidebar. Speak from your heart.

NOTE: If you’re on a mobile device, try this.

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